How We Work

As a small artisan business, staffed by professional furniture painters, how, where and even when, we work can be tailored to the needs of each individual project.

Our passion for delivering exceptional results

The physical environment plays a huge role in the application and curing of new paintwork and as such wherever possible we undertake our work from our fully-equipped workshop in Mid-Sussex where we can control the environment to deliver the best possible results. Working off site in this way, also means much less mess, disruption and inconvenience to our clients – so it’s a win-win!

When returning a piece to our workshop is not possible or necessary, we also offer specialist onsite painting services that enable us to achieve first class finishes in your own home, with the minimum of inconvenience and disruption but the security of knowing that your furniture is in the hands of experts.

A rustic kitchen island with green painted sides and a white top
A low angle shot of blue wooden kitchen cabinets

The furniture painting process

We specialise in finishing of furniture & kitchen cabinets to the very highest of standards using time proven processes matched with modern tools and paints. We can offer almost any colour, finish or effect, and can colour match to all popular brands.

it's all in the prep

Preparation is the key. Producing beautiful paintwork requires careful preparation of the surface long before any paint is applied. We assess every single piece and prepare it carefully to ensure the best possible surface for painting. This process involves cleaning, repairing, sanding, and cleaning again!

Choose your finish

We offer clearcoats, colours, matts, eggshells, glosses and even metallics. We specialise in the use of modern, environmentally friendly, waterbased paints and always use two component products where possible to provide the most durable and long lasting results. We usually recommend the use industrial grade PU and acrylic coatings over household paints, as they are optimised for our processes and tools, but where branded paint is specifically required we can of course use those too

The perfect number of coats

In application, we typically apply 3 coats each of primer and topcoat (sometimes more). In our experience this is what’s necessary to provide a depth of coating, colour and sheen that really works. 

We don’t do ‘quick’ colour changes and we don’t ever skimp on the paint!  

Quality assurance

Once painted and cured, every single piece is quality checked with an acute attention to detail. We don’t cut corners in the preparation for or application of the paint, so we don’t cut them here either. We want every piece that leaves us to be as close to “perfect” as possible. To be sure, we take the time to check it and rework it if it’s not.

professional furniture painters have prepared a grey set of shelves
A white chest of draws with gold handles, by professional furniture painters

Our Sussex based furniture painting workshop

It comes as surprise to many of our clients that we do less painting (even by hand) on location than we do in our workshop, and as such we are often asked why not. The answer is simple – its all about the results! We have learned over the years, that whilst good paintwork can be achieved on location, truly exceptional results require a carefully controlled environment and some very specialist tools.

Whilst small, our workshop is set up like a much larger, manufacturing style paintshop, and so the tools and facilities therein enable us to deliver a mix and quality of painted coatings that meet (and we hope exceed) the expectations of our many private and trade clients.

Professional furniture and kitchen painting services

Ultimately, we love what we do and we take great pride and care in doing it. We enjoy our work and we also try to have some fun along the way, beneath all that though – we also take it very seriously indeed!