Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions for companies who paint furniture? We're here to help.


Each project is unique and therefore, just like other companies who paint furniture, we like to provide quotes that are individual to your needs. We can provide indicative costs from photos and then a site visit to assess your kitchen/furniture for more accurate prices.

Do you Spray onsite?

We undertake both spraying and hand applications on site and in our workshop. We will always assess which methods may be appropriate for your project and talk you through the pros and cons of each.

Can you do any colour?

Yes we can! We ask that you provide a sample pot of the colour you desire and we will match it for your project.


A spray finish produces a smoother more even paint coverage, whilst hand painting leaves brush marks visible. Spraying is generally considered is a contemporary finish whilst hand painting is often see as more traditional.

What sort of disruption can I expect from having my kitchen done?

We pride ourselves on being as least disruptive as possible. We will arrange times and dates that suit all parties for the work on site and we will advise on whether any cupboards/drawers need to be emptied. After each day’s work, we clear up and we use dustless systems so that there is as little debris left as possible.

Do you undertake repairs and/or alterations to the furniture/kitchens you spray?

We do, make sure you let us know what you want undertaking in your enquiry and we can cost accordingly. 

How far are you willing to travel for a job?

We cover all of East and West Sussex. Requests further afield will be considered on a project basis.

Why is your finish different to others?

We are specialist finishers of cabinetry and timber work and as such we are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and some of the best tools and products available for this type of work. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail and combine with our technical and creative knowledge we produce finishes that are of the highest standard. 


What products do you use?

We use a fast array of products and always select the product that best suits the project and customer. Mainly, we use professional waterbased paints that can be catalysed to achieve the most durable and beautiful finish. We do, when requested, also use products from well known paint brands.

Do you do brand new kitchens?

Yes! We work with a number of tradesman, companies who paint furniture, craftsman and kitchen manufactures locally, undertaking finishes on brand new kitchens and pieces of furniture all the time.